pass to the other side

by thrinos

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released April 22, 2015



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thrinos Greece

"Thrinos" is an one man project, born in 2015 in Greece.

The lyrics are considering death as a meaning (intentional or unintended) as a result of the biological cycle of life, while on the other hand, praises death as the leader force of everything.
The band's name comes from the Greek word "Θρήνος" which means "Lament"
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Track Name: goddess of forest
Goddess of the forest i m waiting for you
to appear before me as I desire
your face, I want to confront
to see your sorrowful eyes

You are afraid of people
their greediness and arrogance
but I’m not gonna harm you
your face is what I desire to see

I feel you close
I can’t see you though
within your expression
I want to disappear
and then in darkness
forever to live

goddess of the forest don’t misjudge me
this is where forever I want to be
and for you to long for
until my last breath has fled

the time has passed
I’ll fade out
here on the leaves
to lie down
close my eyes
it’s my last wish
Track Name: liberty
how much grief can two eyes withstand
she clenched her teeth from pain,so much they broke
Blood filled her mouth
but her eyes remained

in front of her, her son lies killed
the head in a pool of blood, in his hand, the gun
what freedom did he long for?
which pain did he not bear?

How much liberty has he experienced

Come Death now ιs the time
now I murdered myself
in glory with honor
I gave an end to my life χ2

Come death, take my soul
it is yours, I’m saving it for you
let's organize the ceremony
it's time to move to the other side χ2

I want to set the air on fire
to celebrate the end
throw fire on me too
nobody can see my dead body
Track Name: waltz of death
open your eyes and look at me
The day has come
but time is not enough

open your eyes and look at me
The day will come
will take you from me

so long in my mind
only there have I found you
only there have you been living

it's time to become alive,
and with me dancing
this waltz of death

time passes the dawn comes
ahead lies the day
that will bring the end
I could touche you even for a short while
and now, everyone follows his destiny
I could touche you even for a short while
and now, everyone follows his destiny

leave alone in a crazy dream
without hope, naked
without commitments with your soul free
leave alone and I will run to find you
perhaps for another dance
we might meet again
Track Name: confront my fate
I struggled to get out of a mire
and I found myself in a worse one.
each time it's the same thing
maybe I should stop fighting.

but I do not want to be killed by something weak
I have to find the worst,
the most filthy and horrible mire
and let it kill me.

but now I sigh for meadows
My heart yearns to see the colours
The most stinking mire I have to win
i must find it to win

how much fatigue for these meadows?
for a bit of sun, a bit of green
No one here can help me
I will not hesitate to confront my fate
Track Name: emanating from inside
emanating from inside it seeks revenge
willing to face its desires
how can I escape

before the night, I will do
what I've been demanded of

it emerges from inside me ..for an evil cause
it emerges from inside me to fulfill its desire

I gazed upon the sky
away from the cities
the stars are brighter

this disturbing silence
will drive me insane
just like the slightest sound

thoughts of sins again
will nurture, will grant life

when I awake I wont know
If I've won or lost

until the following night comes
to dominate my thoughts

when the silence is everywhere
incapable to face you
when the silence is everywhere
as always it finally comes

it grabs me from the head
only to leave me mortified
its only way to paralyze me

I am no longer trying to deal with it
I am weak, and it will decide for me,
I do not care anymore what decision it will make
I do not care when the moment will come.
Track Name: here there is only death
here the trees
show you, death
death smells
the flowers
here there is only death

in the wrong place
you went to search
for God Dionysus
here there is only death

here there is only death

the light
does not reach here
The Sun ignores
for our existence

here, there is only darkness

But we,
without even know him
look for him
all the time

here, there is only darkness

with hands we grope objects
we have no eyes,
we pulled them out ourselves
fulfilling an ancient tradition
here, there is only despair

you can't hear laughs
everywhere there are sighs
Nobody remembers how to laugh
here, there is only sorrow
Track Name: deadman
I don't want anything
I don't want to know anything
a deadman has no opinion
a deadman has no knowledge

there is nothing to hold me
I became a stranger to all
a deadman feels no fear
a deadman makes no friends

i don't want there to be
the slightest recollection of me
I don't want any idea
of mine to be yours

nor one of my works
just someone who has been
a number in the crowd
one dead among so many

there is no way
to stop your tumble
I wouldn't stand
to be an animal in your herd

there is nothing
to suggest
your divine

abhorred your weakness
lack of will
Your corruption
your nihilistic values

from this day on
I ll introduse myself as dead
I just want to be
away from all of you

to be afraid of me
to believe I'm crazy
I want you to be afraid of me
to believe I'm crazy
Track Name: venceremos
Ι create ghosts and I seek to kill them
every time a worse one appears
a little bigger, a little scarier
the one I just made is eyeless

I sit and stare at them
they are there, outside the window

i look at them with fear

they look at me with fear

Now I will try to touch this
I can only succeed if I have my eyes closed
I will pull it inside and sit it down
on this one I put a crown of thorns

I will dress it, with my worst weaknesses
and then I ll also kill and this one
I will give him a banner to hold
look,is written on it ''venceremos''
Track Name: mourning
Who will comfort me with words
for death I'm going to meet..
and through cold paths i will pass
At the dark kingdom to arrive

why do the young leave us so soon
who decides the way they die?
who appointed their cruel destiny
for them to face death

all alone and cold inside the wooden coffin
all around me crying and pain
closed eyes and sealed lips
the woman and children crying

mother sing a song to your son
cry in front of his grave
tear your clothes pull your hair
he's meeting death

mother sing a song to your son
cry in front of his grave
tear your clothes pull your hair
he's meeting death

cold and death here
only sorrow only pain
in front of the door to eternity
mourning I hear shadows I see