Sorrow of Mortality

by thrinos

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released March 27, 2016



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thrinos Greece

"Thrinos" is an one man project, born in 2015 in Greece.

The lyrics are considering death as a meaning (intentional or unintended) as a result of the biological cycle of life, while on the other hand, praises death as the leader force of everything.
The band's name comes from the Greek word "Θρήνος" which means "Lament"
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Track Name: A God Through Atheism
I walked through forests, through fens
I heard the hungry wolves howling
now my freedom is borning
my eyes don't see human structure

the cities are far away
their lights can’t appear here
I will find my shelter
I will explore my ideals

destroying all my past
I am ready to recreating
I become a god through the atheism
My heart yearns to live here

I’m learning from my own experiences
a god who dancing alone
goodness and evil became one
here is only my wants

I reconciled with my ghosts
I carry all my burdens
I hurting my own pride
I lay my temptation in temptation

and I will be here
until get bored my wisdom
until my pain becomes pleasure
Till I'm able to love humanity.
Track Name: Endless Night
endless nights infront of me
hours of silence, thoughts without colors
in such times I wanted to see life
to being satiated by darkness and loneliness

walls around me, sign of fear
they trapped their voices inside them
fog veil falls forwards of me
in such moments they decide to shut down their eyes

I can smell the death, I feel it in my skin
so many hours and I stay alone
and all those walls I want to destroy
to make everyone fell what I feel

death smells trembling in my body
how I dared to love life
strength I feel all over me
somethink impressive now it's gonna be

death smells, strength I feel all over me
how I dared to love life
these are my last moments
now my ending bring around the balance
Track Name: Breathless
here I stay, can you feel me?
colourless without thoughts
I look suspiciously the passers
I fight with ghosts,I'm hitting the air

colourless and breathless
clench my fists from the pain
to fight alone against the time
nobody won,all of us lost

space and time -tangled
and into them I disappear
in what dimension -did they find me
for what resurrection -am I looking?

space and time are hunting me
there is no where to hide
pain and fear passes me by
without them,I can't be alive
Track Name: Fake Hopes
many believed in you
They mourn, they cried and begged you
put their hopes in you
you never answered to them

and I saw you behind a bright light
I felt that you were there
you underestimated me,
you didn't talk to me

how many questions you gave us
how much grief we only gain by your thought
You pretend that you care
we believed that you love us

you stay by yourself in heaven
You look at the misery you have created
if you are omnipotent
You have to stop it
if you love us
You have to stop it

You don't care about your children
thrown into sin, you left them alone
you left them alone
weak to face reality
you only gave them fake hopes

and if I stand again before you
I will look at you as an equal
and I will look at you wildly
you were not there when I needed you

Don't ask me why I do not believe in you
you created evil
you gave me the seed of knowledge
you gave me the freedom to doubt you
Track Name: A Pale God
today I' ll travel alone
I dont want friends or enemies
today I want to look
at you, Sun!
I want to see
you fall
I want to see you
pulled by chains.
your colors get lost,
your power get weak

go away I got bored of your glow
I am fed up of you showing me all these things

I do not want to
see anything, anymore
you strained my eyes,
You made my spirit restless

Go away, start bleeding
I'd prefer this,
than your sickly pale view
show us how a god is in pain
and in the morning we will look for you again
Track Name: Let Me Free
running through the crowd
never felt more lonely
i've never seen
so much sorrow

where are the colours
where is the music hidden
what is life's destination,
feeling cold the spring
as if it was winter

silently I'm traveling
through time
one second at a time
whenever i go
you follow me.
Leave me alone,
just once

stop hunting me
let me free,
to run on your footsteps
let me free

i don't want you...
i don't need you,
you 're killing me,
you 're making me older

when do we get our independence
without thinking..
without chains to hold as back
just wait for the journey to begin
Track Name: Shelter
what can I find to give me strength to live?
Who could release me from the sorrow of mortality
What can you do if you have understand
that everything is vainglorious

the human words seem insipid,
I may not belong here,
I may have to go to the future,
no virtue can calm down my thoughts

when I imagine humanity being absent
our houses as a shelter for wolves,
something good we would pass on,
something we will offer,

what can I find to give me strength to live?
everything is vainglorious

when I imagine humanity being absent
our houses as a shelter for wolves,
something good we would pass on,
something we will offer,
perhaps this is the only good we can do
Track Name: Insult to Nature
Why did you come again what do you want from me
with horror you wake me up before dawn

from your misery I came to save you
to show you how it is to be alive
you will never feel sorrow again
everything you crave you gonna have

how can I trust you?
you are not of confidence

what do you have to lose?
where does the way you live offer to you?
you want to gain material things
you want to have an easy way to live

and what do you want in return
I have nothing to give you

Two years you will follow me
and two more you ll be alone
and whatever you may want
i ll give it to you

from your misery I came to save you
to show you how it is to be alive
you will never feel sorrow again
everything you crave for you gonna have it instantly

ohh Satana kill me right now
I embarrassed the nature with my thoughts
Track Name: My Deaths
so many and so slow deaths
Every night I wait for another one
to come and release me but at the morning
Im alive again

they once told me not to deny
that he is here to save me
but I expected him to come at once
and he was here every night

His hate does not satiate
I have nowhere to hide
How long I must fight against the pain?

at once I want you to come
like a forgotten friend
and with songs and glory
I'll open my door for you

and when the sunset comes
when the clouds become gold
and my leaps spell your name
then take me on the trip with you
Track Name: I Will Wait To See Your End
I get bored of people
you have gone away from your instincts
you do not have something to offer me
everything is meaningless nihilism

with your behavior you mock nature
You do not feel it, you embarrass it
you are the enemies of the light
the shame of your creator

and those are said to you by an atheist
the revenge for you goodness
all of you mediocrities
you strained my eyes

your idols are undone, enviously
made lifestyle decadence
without even touching culture
without having dignity

I will not play your game
and there is no way to change you
I will wait with pleasure
to see your end